August 26, 2016

5 Confessions of a Saint

5 Confessions of a Saint

Psalm 15

1.) V2- God is the only source of His good
Always Confess God is the only good of my blessing. Money, beauty, education

2.) V5&6- The Lord is my share/portion
• God my share
• God my shareholder
My raffle comes from the Lord.

My cup- present life
My lot- future life

Deuteronomy 18:1&2
God is our right (Levi tribe)
Completely dependent on God

Paul says : You are my treasure (faith)

3.) v7- The Lord is my Counsellor
World can only give opinion. Jesus shows path.

4.) v8-10- The Lord is my total security
Body, Spirit & Soul. Christians can only say we get a resurrected body.

5.) v3- My greatest delight is the Saints/Godly men in my city