August 26, 2016

Knowing God Deeper and Deeper!

Knowing God Deeper and Deeper!

Is it taking place in our lives?

His desire is for us to know God deeply.
The question of Why, comes many a-time in our life

Exodus 3:1-15(Gods calling of Moses)
Thoughts on God -is my focus.- today.

Who God Is?
A bush burning in the desert in not an unusual occurrence
A miracle is seen here-ie Bush burning, but not being consumed.
A bush is not very strong, but the fire did not consume the bush.
Burning of bush is a normal occurrence in the desert.
But Moses experience was that this bush that was burning wasn’t consumed.
The bush represents Israel,being captive in Egypt. But the fire could not destroy the bush (representing the Israelites)-one thought.

God speaking to Moses.
Moses, when my spirit comes on you, though you are just an ordinary person. I will make you a miracle.

God spoke to Moses
You have been rejected by the Israelites. If you allow me to come into you. I will show what I will be able to do through you.(Moses-was a fugitive; a person with a stammer, who lacked confidence)
God was showing Moses of who He is!
-God taking initiative in the rescue mission of Israelites from the Egyptians
God takes the initiative in Midian to deliver Israelites by communicating with Moses.
What would be their thought (Israelites)-Has God forgotten us?

But the Israelites can’t see what God is planning through Moses ! God’s plan to deliver the Israelites through Moses.

See it in context in our lives. How we blame God/get frustrated!

We many a time can’t see God’s initiative/provision.

God had to struggle to get Moses going!
God becomes angry when Moses resisted still.
Moses resisted God’s calling.
In God’s anger, God heeded to his request by giving Aaron.

God had equipped Moses.
But he wanted additional support.
Moses paid the price when Aaron and Miriam turned against him!

-when God speaks to you, and equips you. Whatever God entrusts you with something.Just do it.
Don’t hesitate!don’t look of temporary support.

Just be confident-Did God call you.
If God has called you! It is his project.
He I’ll equip you . Just go and do with confidence.

God wanted to partner with Moses.

Operation world is an app. If you want to pray.

God uses each one of us for his purpose.
At the same time he directly communicates-The call of Paul.
God directly communicates in places where persecution is great!-through visions.