ABLAZE is a Children’s ministry aimed at our kids aged between 4-17. ABLAZE is a dynamic and an interesting place
for the young hearts to grow and nurture them in God’s Word and confidence. We provide a safe,
spiritual and fun environment where God’s Word comes to life through various programs tailored to
the needs of different age groups, such as – games, crafts, action songs, teaching sessions,
storytelling, prayer and worship, watching videos and many more. We also encourage team building
activities to teach the importance of team work and to establish the culture of respect, trust and
value. It’s fun but different.

We have a friendly team who are willing to welcome the young hearts to come and be part of this
exciting Ministry. Through ABLAZE your child will grow, learn, laugh, enjoy and will be challenged
through the stories of missionaries. We encourage our children to stand firm on the never changing
gospel in an ever changing world, to think differently, talk differently and walk with their heads held
high never compromising their faith.

Check it out. We meet on 3rd Friday of every month @ 7.30 PM @ St Theodore’s Church.